Caribbean Accounting and Tax Consultants (CATC) and Henriquez, Croes & Co. (HCC), two leading players in the field of accounting, advisory, tax and payroll, have decided to continue together under the name CATC-HCC as of August 1st 2018. To this end, the office of HCC will be moved to the CATC office at J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 20-A.

HCC was founded 50 years ago by Mary Henriquez-Croes and her husband. Their son Norman joined the company in 1996 and they have offices in Aruba, Curacao (2008) and St. Martin (1972). HCC is the oldest and one of the largest independent accountancy and consultancy firms in Aruba and St. Martin, specializing in small and medium-sized businesses.
“We are very enthusiastic about the collaboration with CATC. Through this merger, knowledge and expertise can be shared and realized. As a result, both offices bring quality, efficiency and continuity to a higher level so that we can serve our customers even better, broader and faster” says Norman Henriquez, director of HCC.

CATC exists since 1994 and has offices in Aruba, Bonaire (2007) and Curacao (2008) and is known as a progressive organization in the field of technology. For example, CATC was the first office in Aruba to use the now very popular programs Quickbooks and Payroll ProReint Roossien, director of CATC, is very pleased with the new collaboration: “The organizations fit well together. HCC has a good name, a loyal client base and a great work driven mentality, just like us”.

Internationally there is a tendency for offices to merge. Increasing scale is necessary in order to continue to offer quality to clients, to comply with increasing laws and regulations and to invest in services, innovation and automation.

In addition, clients want continuity, which is often a problem for smaller organizations.

After merging, CATC-HCC will have 65 employees working across the 4 islands of Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and St. Martin. CATC-HCC is also affiliated with the international networks PrimeGlobal ( and the International Fiscal Association (IFA), which enables them to provide clients with fast and expert international advice.

We expect that you as our client will not be bothered and trust that this merger will only bring positive changes for you. HCC clients will be able to make full use of the tax specialists, lawyers and business experts of CATC. For the relationships of both offices you can always count on the expertise, the experience, the customer-friendly approach and the familiar faces of both offices. It has been decided not to give a reception or a party but to make a donation to a good cause instead.

For more information, please contact:
• Norman Henriquez (594-7101)
• Reint Roossien (731-5500)