“As a new customer of CATC-HCC we are very pleased with the different services such as assisting us with the monthly administration and the compilation of the financial statement. It has been a tough year to get used to our system. The CATC-HCC team has worked very hard and is very pleasant to work with, always a smile no matter the task at hand. Looking forward to working together in 2018!”
~ XX, cultural foundation

“CATC-HCC is synonymous with excellent financial service for a reasonable price. Not only have we allowed CATC-HCC to carry out our financial
administration for the past few years, we have also benefited from their advice with regard to important strategic issues in our company. In my
opinion, CATC-HCC is also synonymous with friendly and professional service, and adequate feedback.”
~ RS, commercial real estate agency

“Our company manages more than 15.000 inventory items on a daily basis. To be honest with you, I am not sure if we were managing our inventory as
efficiently and effectively as possible. Thankfully CATC-HCC recommended the QuickBooks POS system to us. With this POS system we can finally run our
company based on accurate information. I cannot imagine that we were still working with hand-written receipts until recently. Not only are we
grateful to CATC-HCC for recommending this POS system this POS system to us, we are also very grateful to them for assisting us in individualizing the
POS system according to our specifications and needs. Each and every CATC-HCC employee has given us honest advice, albeit sometimes in a
confrontational manner, but always with the goal of improving the daily operations of our company”.
~ FK, furniture store

‘Since bringing our telecom business to Aruba, and with increasing demand also expanding our work force, we looked for a solid and professional
partner to outsource our payroll to. We were referred to CATC-HCC and have been very satisfied with the performance, making the time used to
concentrate on our core business more efficient. We have found a flexible and competent efficient partner that never misses a deadline. When
requested, we will definitely refer CATC-HCC’s services to any business who is looking for a professional solution that contributes to increased
efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.’
~ CM, communications company

“Since CATC-HCC has professionally taken over part of our payroll activities, the workload on our HRM department has decreased significantly, and the
internal control on salary payments has improved dramatically. The employees of CATC-HCC are flexible, client-friendly and competent. Even when our
contact person at CATC-HCC is absent, we always receive a rapid and accurate response to our inquiries”.
~ XX, post office

“CATC-HCC takes care of our payroll, pays our employees and remits the taxes for us in Aruba. We have complete confidence in CATC-HCC and have always
received fast and effective service from them. In some Caribbean countries we face problems all the time, but due to CATC-HCC we never have any
problems in Aruba. If CATC-HCC would expand their operations to other countries in the Caribbean, we would be very happy!”
~ DM, airline

“CATC-HCC is a renowned firm with many years of experience. They did a very good job in helping us with tax audits of previous years. Their kind & understanding personnel has made it a very pleasant experience to work with.”
~ CE, music & electronics business

“For us it is very important that we can communicate with CATC-HCC in Dutch. They always call us back and because of them we are always informed about the latest developments regarding tax issues and laws.
The CATC-HCC team works very well together when assisting us with Quickbooks and the compilation of financial statements. Their sympathetic way of helping us gives us a very positive experience.”
~ WT, kitchen design & furniture company