Do you want to optimize your cash flow or do you need a loan? Do you or your company have problems paying the bills at the end of the month? Do you need more cash to invest in your company?

Together with our Corporate Finance & Audit department, we can work on a plan to optimize your cash flow. Together we can investigate not only how to increase revenue and decrease costs but also how to optimize cash flow. For example, speeding up Accounts Receivable collection and delaying Accounts Payable payments. We also provide loan request assistance! We have an excellent track record in mediation services at the Aruban banks.

Paul Vandormael is a managing partner of the Corporate Finance & Audit department. His specialization is in the field of strategic financial management. He has over 20 years of experience in the Aruban financial sector and can assist you with all your financial requests. Contact us today and improve your cash flow.


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