The deadline for the second quarter 2020 reporting foreign exchange to CBA is July 31st, 2020.

Let us assist you with reporting the foreign exchange commission for payments abroad to CBA. For more information, send an email to or by calling (297) 5275500.

Obligation to pay foreign exchange commission for payments abroad

Pursuant to article 2, paragraph 1, of the State Ordinance Foreign Exchange Commission (SOFEC), residents and companies of Aruba shall pay the Government of Aruba (GOA) a commission by the name of “foreign exchange commission” for payments to abroad. 

Pursuant to article 5 of the SOFEC, the CBA is entrusted with the levy and collection of the FEC in accordance with the provisions of the SOFEC. Residents have to pay the FEC directly to the CBA or through an institution that has been designated pursuant to article 4 of the SOFEC by the CBA. 

Payments to abroad are defined as: 

    1. Payments with domestic instruments, e.g. cash Afl.
    2. Payments through the debit of an account denominated in Afl.
    3. Payments with foreign instruments of payment, e.g. USD/EUR.
    4. Payments through the debit of a foreign currency account, for example, USD resident account.
    5. Payments made through the debit of an account denominated in foreign currency held abroad (foreign bank account), or through the debit of a current account with a person or company domiciled abroad (foreign intercompany account), whether electronically or not.

Rate of the FEC

Article 3 of the SOFEC states that the rate of the FEC amounts to 1.3 percent of the amount expressed in Aruban florin of the payment to a non-resident. Official selling rates are used for the conversion of foreign currency to Aruban florin (e.g. for USD 1 x Afl. 1.80).

Fine for non-compliance

Infringement of the above mentioned shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding six months and/or a fine not exceeding twenty-five thousand florins. The Central Bank of Aruba may impose a fine and/or freeze your bank account if you do not comply with these reporting requirements. 

Example: Companies that have to pay the FEC commission.

    1. A company established on Aruba that transfers money from Aruba to any foreign bank account.
    2. A company that makes payments from a denominated account held abroad (foreign bank account) to a person or company domiciled abroad (foreign intercompany account), whether electronically or not.
    • Let’s say company X transfers the equivalent of Afl. 30,000 to their bank account in the United States, they will have to pay 1.3% over the Afl. 30,000 to the central bank. This equates to Afl. 390.

Email us at for a quotation regarding the compilation of the required monthly and quarterly FEC/FALA reports. We will compile the reports and tell you exactly what amount you have to pay the central bank. 


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