Aruba is one of the most tax-friendly jurisdictions in the world.

  • Aruba does not have an inheritance/gift tax:
    • This implies that a resident of Aruba can donate his/her fortune to his/her heirs without paying taxes on Aruba However, there might be other countries where the inheritance taxes are due. Please consult with one of our qualified specialists.
  • Aruba does not tax the interest income earned from bank savings:
    • Interest on savings accounts is not taxed. Bond interest is taxable, though.
  • When relocating to Aruba, a possible exemption on import duties applies:
    • If you relocate to Aruba and obtain a residence permit, you can import your household goods (including your car) without having to pay import duties.
  • Aruba has relatively low property tax tariffs (0,6% per year):
    • Owners of real-estate receive a yearly invoice of 0,6% of the value of the property. Nevertheless, there are exemptions that could apply.
  • Aruba does not have an asset tax:
    • Many countries in the world charge taxes on assets. Aruba does not.
  • There is no capital gains tax in Aruba:
    • One of the biggest differences with the USA is that there is no capital gains tax on Aruba. This means that if you make a profit by selling stocks or a house, you do not need to pay taxes.
  • Temporary residence permit with the purchase of a real estate property.
    • With the purchase of a property, you could be entitled to a temporary residence permit.

Should you happen to invest in real estate in Aruba:

  • Will the property be used as your (vacation) home and possibly
    be rented out to third parties as an investment?

    • If so, please contact our team of experienced tax advisors and they will assist you accordingly in providing tailor-made insights that include, but is not limited to:
      • Tax consequences of possibly becoming a (tax) resident of Aruba; Future estate planning
      • Different tax options when acquiring a property
      • Structure the financing of a property
      • Tax implications once the property has been acquired
      • Tax consequences of the acquisition of the property and the tax consequences on your additional (foreign) income
      • Temporary residency as a result of the acquisition of the property.

Our team is ready to help you make the best decision to reach your goals.